Taft-Mills Group (Taft-Mills), a subsidiary of Taft Family Ventures, is responsible for executing the Taft family’s vision of becoming one of the Southeast’s preeminent leaders in the development, construction, and management of affordable housing. Taft-Mills' primary focus is delivering high-quality, affordable rental housing developments that blend seamlessly into the communities in which they are located.  Possessing a specialized knowledge of Housing Tax Credits, Tax-Exempt Bonds, State and Federal Housing Programs, and various other forms of debt/equity structures, Taft-Mills develops communities that are attractive, safe, and affordable to both families and seniors of modest means. 

Taft-Mills is a strategic partnership between the Taft family and Dustin Mills, a recognized pioneer in affordable housing and historic preservation, who possesses over twenty years of industry experience. Recently, Taft-Mills earned national recognition as one of the Top 50 Affordable Housing Developers nationwide.